Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!!

Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!

So im back!!!!!

Not that ive been anywhere, i had the Xmas holidays off (which was lovely by the way) and then the boy moved down so we have just been taking a little bit of time out together and getting used to being with each other everyday.

I must say its been an awesome start to the year! Lets hope it continues like it :D

So down to the nails! Well they held up perfect over the xmas and new year and as soon as i got back to work..... THEY BROKE!! its obvious that i must be a homemaker and not an office worker!! Its much better for my nails to be at home!

So im sporting some VERY short nubbins right now! I think they look terrible :( i HATE short nails on me! I cant do anything with them (yes i know i shouldnt use my nails as tools)

I did so many nail designs in December that i just didnt have it in me to do it in January, i needed a little break. I was looking forward to having plain nails... well plain colour nails. Id never have REAL plain nails. Mine are sooooooo discoloured under this varnish i wouldnt subject people to that!

BUT its my birthday tomorrow and a friend of mine bought me a gorgeous nail set. Its OPI So So Skullicious. There are 4 awesome mini OPI nail varnishes! To be honest i love all of them! Although the yellow did need 3 coats.

So here we have my first nail design of 2013!!!

Sorry for the rubbish pics they took me so long as i was faffing about i just didnt want to go on the hunt for the camera too!