About Me

Hi Im Ellie

Im 28 and live in Croydon

Ive always loved nails, more recently its become more of an obsession.

I'am in no way a professional and the tips,tricks and methods I use may not work for all of you. I started this blog really more to keep a log of what i do and to share with the world what i do.

Im engaged to Mitchell and we are planning (and have booked) our wedding in Las Vegas on Halloween 2013!!!!!
He puts up with all my crazy nail stuff and even helps when I have got into a bit of a pickle. Like I said im not a proffessional and i do sometimes get polish all over my nails and neeed another pair of hands!

Im terrible to go shopping with as I alway find an excuse to get nail varnish. Ive had to start keeping a log of what ones I have as i came home one day from shopping pleading with my fiance that i NEEDED it and found that i had in fact go the same colour. Although it was a different brand! So therfore i did need it. Right?

So i hope you enjoy :D


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