Wednesday, 19 December 2012

All Good Things Come In 3's

Hey everyone

Ive been super busy recently so ive not had time to post everyday. Getting ready for xmas :)

Im off over Xmas and i cant wait for 5pm Friday to come!!! WWOOOOO!!!

Ive also had some really good news over the last few days. Most of you that know me and my other half know that we live far apart :( and hes been looking for work down here with me. Not so hard most of you would think, but its been very hard and very stressful. Hes got visible tattoos just like me and finding an office based job..... not easy. People still stereotype and most take one look at you and dont want you! it really bugs me because no matter what you look like it shouldnt affect you capability to do your job.

Anyway HE GOT A JOB!!!!!!!! so after the xmas hes moving down here with me and e can finally be a 'normal' couple! i cant wait!! its the BEST xmas present we could have got!!!!

So ive saved 3 manis for you all :) ill let the pics do the talking. I decided that for the whole of xmas i was going to do xmas themed manis! i love xmas its my second favourite holiday after Halloween!!

Hope you like them

Sorry again i didnt not the varnishes i used but if you want to know im sure i can dig them out. Oh just quickly ive started using Nail Envy! man that stuff is good! how did i survive without it! the best nail strengthener ive used so far!!


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ho Ho Ho


Well i must admit im really not feeling festive! im feeling a little sorry for myself ive had a massive headache all day and all i want to do is sleep

So i didnt not want to post and ive missed out a few mani's ive done since i last posted. So im going to keep this short and sweet and just post my pics. Im sorry for the mobile pics :(

So here are my festive manis :)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Its Chrisssyyyymassssss!!

Hey guys!

Sorry for a little bit of absence recently! Ive been so busy with one thing and another i just didnt have time to blog. But then it is that time of year.

I was that busy that i kepy my last lot of nail varnish on for 4 days!!! 4 DAYS!!! can you believe it. I was hiding my nails from everyone. Id just had a french manicure on andid had a curry over the weekend and it has stained 2 nails yellow GROSS!! but even then i still hadnt managed to take it off!!

So lat night i was sooooooo happy when i decided enough is enough i look terrible and put a new mani on :D

Its the start of xmas so i decided to do a xmas themed mani. Im going to try and keep it up through December.

Im at work while i post this (opps) so i dont have to hand what varnishes i used but ill let you know that makes:

China Glaze - White on White
Nails Inc : Glitter (gold)
Barry M Red
Barry M - Emerald (green)
Illamasqua Green
Collcetion 2000 Dark Green
Nails Inc Red
Barry M - Red Glitter

Hope you like it :D