Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ahhh Simple

Thank god that green mani is off!!

I couldnt sop staring at it all day thinking how bad it is and how unsightly it was.

So with great relief when i got home the nail varnish remover came and and off with the green!

So i wanted something that i could wear for the next couple of days without thinking how bright and ugly it is.

So i knew i wanted a nude type of mani! But not just a plain mani.

So i added some subtle gold dots and to make it stand out just a little some blue!

Colours i used tonight:

Nails Inc: Basil Street (Nude)
Stargazer: 115 (Gold)
China Glaze : Eyes Like Sapphires (Blue)

I added 2 cotes of Basil Street and dotted the gold on first then went over and added the blue. The blue colour has some slight sparkle to it and compliments the nude colour well :)

So im pretty happy tonight with my mani and will be keeping this on for a few days.

Does anyone else get days where their mani just really annoys them and  you cant wait till you can get home to take it off?



  1. That blue is AMAZING and your dots are so bloody neat! I love it!

    If you want another post to do in the mean time, I left you a Liebster Award <3