Saturday, 10 November 2012


This eveining is going to be a quick one im afraid.

We are off to see my friends and out goddaughter :D shes an absolute angel and i cant wait to see her. But dont worry tomorrow i have all day so will be a longer one.

This evening i was really stumped with what to do.

So here we have it. A quick striping tape mani

The colours used were:

Bourjois - No Name im afraid :(, its the light purple base colour
China Glaze - Reggae To Riches - The pinky purple
Nails Inc - Connaught Square - glitter

I love the glitter in the mani. Its soooooo sparkly! I love using it, but HATE taking it off! its such a pain in the bum.

Again ye old faithful Seche Vite finished this off perfectly and gives it a gorgeous shine :)

Sorry this is so quick, i just didnt want to do nothing for you :)

P.S ive had to file my nails down this evening :( i broke 1 on the stupid fridge door! FAIL!! Well more about that tomorrow :)


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