Thursday, 1 November 2012

Well Here We Go!


Im Ellie, im 28 and live in Croydon.

Ive started this blog to share in my love of Nail Varnish!!!!!

Ive always been into nails and beauty but recently the nail thing has taken over. I try to 'do' my nails every night BUT I do have a life (sort of) and sometimes i just dont have the time!

It started with just painting my nails with as many pretty varnishes as i could find, but as the obsession grew so did my NAIL ART.

I love tape to create designs as it gives you a crisp straight edge, much better than doing it free hand as im a massive perfectionist and hate it when my lines are not straight. I also love sponges to create the gradient effect!
Marbling and stamping i dont like so much. Dont get me wrong i LOVE they way they look i just dont have the patience to do them and they take allot of practise.

With this blog id like to share how i do my nails and possibly post some tutorials. Also to review from my perspective the polishes i have and whats out there on the market.

Well introductions over........ lets get started!!!!!!!!

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