Friday, 9 November 2012

Dotty 4 You!

Evening All

Sorry ive not posted for a few days ive been a little busy catching up on all the Twilight films ready for next weekend :D

So today for you i have a ditticure :)

Its very simple yet effective i think. Didnt take long to do at all (which the other half is grateful for) The thing that seems to be taking time is the pics. Im no photographer and the extent of my photo taking was aim and click with my Iphone. So Ive had a little play with a 'real' camera. So i apologise if they are not expert standards. If any of you out there has any tips for me with taking my nail pics id be more than grateful for some advice.

So down to business!

Colours and brands for today are:

Base polish: Nails inc - Victoria - (deep red)
First dot : Barry M - Mushroom - (pretty self explanatory)
Second dot : Best Sence - Cosmic - (golden sparkle)

So I painted two coated of Victoria and added my faithful Seche Vite. Then got out my dotting tool and dotted in differend sizes Mushroom. I thought that it needed a little extra so added a second lot of dots slightly smaller in Cosmic. It gives a little bling to my nails and makes them feel a little more dressed. And again 1 last coat of Seche Vite.

And there you have it - Dotty 4 You :D

So untill tomorrow....... Adieu


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