Tuesday, 13 November 2012

This evening i have really been struggling to think of something to inspire me.

Ive been sitting for a while just staring around the room and even looking at my photos on my phone. Then i got to a point that was i even bothered to do my nails. I hate getting a block on what to do and find that it takes me agesssss to decide if i dont have something in mind.

This is going to sound super cheesy but i was really missing my boy so decided to do nails inspired by him.

I know that whenever i use striping tape i get comments that he likes them. So i decided to use the tape he likes, and just to add some more cheese i dotted a sparkly red heart for him! i know i know pass the sick bucket!!!

Its so hard as we only get weekends together as he lives in Leicester and I'm here in Croydon.

So yes i was feeling a little gooey tonight and these are for him!

Colours i used:

China Glaze - White On White
Barry M - Grey
Collection 2000 - Big Hair (Red)
Barry M - Red Glitter

I applied 2 cotes of White On White added the tape and painted 1 cote of Grey. Off came the tape and a cote of Seche Vite, then came my faithful dotting tool and drew a heart on each ring finger. To make it stand out a little more i added Red Glitter.
I still decided that it wasn't enough so added a few dots on each finger, one more coat of Seche Vite et voilá!!!!!!

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