Thursday, 15 November 2012

Something Fishy.......

Evening Guys and gals :)

Well tonight i feel like Ive been doing these nails FOREVERRRRRR

I thought by looking at everyone else's nails that these would be a breeze! wrong! it didn't take too long but boy the clean up was a pain. Id managed to get varnish all over my skin :( But in the end i think its turned out ok. What do you think?

Ive been meaning to do this fish tail mani for ages but i just keep getting a little side tracked and then forgetting that i wanted to do it.

So here we have it..... finally!

I probably should have used 3 colours so i got a more uneven pattern, but heyho!

Colours i used:

Nails Inc: Baker Street (Electric Blue)
Nails Inc: Piccadilly Circus (Dark Pinky Red)
Pupa: M096 (sort of mint green)
Rimmel: Your Majesty (Silver)

This mani involves a lot of layering and even with my old faithful top coat Seche Vite its so thick it doesn't dry as quick and i managed to dink my right hand :( never mind new nails tomorrow night!

So now I'm off for a little chill out and to torture myself watching man v's food! you guys over in America have some awesome food!!!


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