Monday, 19 November 2012

I Cant Believe It's Over

Yes I was that upset that Twilight is now over Ive been in mourning all weekend.

No im not that bad but i really didn't want to take my twilight nails off.

Twilight was AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!! You have to go see it. And if anyone out there is listening when the box set is out.... I NEED it in my life! :D

I thought as the last few sets of nails I've done have been pretty in your face i wanted to do a more sophisticated mani.

Ive been seeing these ruffian manis everywhere and was always too scared to try. I just didn't think i would be to get such a perfect line.

But tat all changed when my other half trekked to Sainsburys to get me 4 Glamour magazines as the were giving away 4 colours of Nails Inc polishes :) WIN!!!!!!! 4 polishes for £8! I couldn't say no.
So here are the colours :)

Blue - Motcomb Street
Pink - Elizabeth Street
Glitter - Glamorous Glitter
Red - St James
I thought the blue and the pink would look lovely with a ruffian mani. Although i wasnt sure how i was going to get the pink to cover the blue, as the blue is such a dark blue and covers really well. Its almost a 1 coater!
So i had to add a layer of white first over the blue before i added the pink.
Im really pleased how they turned out. Although i would advise as my polish ended up being quite think.... NOT to go peeling spuds after! Yes i dinked my left hand :(



  1. Whooa that looks awesome! I tried watching Breaking Dawn pt 2 with my boyfriend's brother and I walked out after 10 minutes. I couldn't even handle it. Kristin Stewart is SO BAD. Who botoxed her face? Omg, I've seen bf's dog hork up barf with more expression than her. As in, the barf, being all gross, made a face.

    I'm sorry =P I did enjoy the books, really (except the last one...). Your nails look completely totally awesome though! Ruffian nails moved further up my "to try" list thanks to you ;)

  2. I got all four too! :) looks fab!

  3. These are amazing! I'm definitely going to try something similar - you've done such a neat job - I'm impressed! :)