Monday, 26 November 2012

Pirates and Flakies

Well i wasnt really around this weekend, i was getting tattooed and also being super lazy :)

But Sunday we had been invited to our friends little girls 4th birthday party. The theme was princesses and pirates. Pirates being more my thing and having a few pirate appropriate clothes i decided to use that them for my nails rather than princesses.

So here is the pirate mani:

This evenings mani i was desperate to used my Kleancolor flakies :)
Ive also just bought a new black: Nubar Noir and wanted to test it out! Ive had barry M black and to be honest i dont really think its that good! it started out a really watery consistency  and ended up being really gloopy :( NOT like Nubar Noir. This is amazinggggg!! i really love it!
So simple yet effective for tonight!
Although trying to get good pics off flakies...... really hard so im afraid the photies dont really show it off too much!



  1. EEE Your pirate nails are SO CUTE. And the flakies look like embers, I love it!

  2. omg he's like a little lego pirate!! How adorable. Gorgeous manicure :)

  3. I totally love this!!! Nice to find another lefty haha!

  4. I love the pirate sooo much! its so adorable! :-)