Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Reverse Glitter

So ive started to feel a little festive and i know its not quite December yet but i felt the need to be a bit jolly.

Ive not done a reverse glitter mani before and ive seen a few posts from other on how they do theirs. So tonight i took their advise and used my nail polish brush to create the gradient. Im not sure if i like doing it that way and i feel ive cheated a bit on my regular make up sponge routine.

Its worked ok i would have preferred a sharper edge to my cuticles.... but hey you cant win them all!

Colours i used:

Nails Inc : Motcomb Street
Nails Inc : Electric Avenue

I wish now i had thought a bit more i would have used my new Nails Inc which is a finer gold glitter (one of my new bargains from Glamour magazine) as i think that the glitter ive used is a little too dense

Well here it is :)

Hope you like it!


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