Friday, 16 November 2012

Team Edward or Team Jacob.......

FINALLYYYYYYY its here!!!!!!!!

Yes I'm talking about Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2!!

Ive been waiting for this my whole life i feel!

Me.... personally im a team Edward. How could i resist a sparkly vampire??

So i thought it was only appropriate tonight's mani was in honour of this film. SSsshhhh i dont want to hear anything about it till tomorrow as I'm going first thing with the boy!

So colours used tonight are:

Collection 2000 : All that jazz (Metallic Grey)
China Glaze : High Maintenance (Dark Red)
China Glaze : Ruby Pumps (Red Glitter)
Nails Inc : Basil Street (Nude)
Glam Nails : Grey
China Glaze : White On White

So for most of the nails i used All that Jazz and both the reds from China glaze to create a gradient. Which i think gives a very vampy look.
For Bellas eyes i used acrylic paint (yes it took a while)
And for my ring finger on my left hand i created two puncture wounds. Well we are going to see some Vampires!

I wanted to give both hands something a little different, well i certainly couldn't paint eyes on my left hand what with being left handed it would have proved very difficult. And Ive spent long enough on these babies and the boy was getting a little impatient.
So to amuse himself while i was happily painting away..... he had a go himself. I turned around just after clearing up and he had a big smile on his face and held out his hand.......

let me know what you think lol

So tomorrow im off for the last time to see Edward...... i hope its a gooden



  1. Those eyes are creepy (in a good way)! Because of Twilight, I hate fandoms but I loved the books (even with all their sexist problems) before it became a huge thing. Lemme know how it is =P

  2. Creepy but technical! The boy needs more practise x (from his Mum)